Excellent Emergency Medical Care

We are an independent group of physicians, providing care in Northern Arizona for over 40 years. As board certified Emergency Physicians, we are specialty trained to provide care for all emergency medical needs. If you are seen in the Emergency Department at Flagstaff Medical Center, you will be evaluated and treated by one of our physicians.

Pay Your Bill
For Date of Service Before 11/11/2018:

  • Call: 928.214.3521
  • Mail: PO Box 67, Flagstaff AZ 86002-0067

For Date of Service After 11/11/2018:

  • Call: 855.691.9890
  • Pay Online: doctorpayments.com
  • Mail: Flagstaff Emergency Physicians
    PO Box 98081
    Las Vegas, NV 89193

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I have the medical information about my college student?
Once a student turns 18 HIPAA gives them control over their health care and records. Even if you are the insurance guarantor once that student turns 18 they are responsible for medical records access.
What should I expect after a radiology study?
All radiology studies done in the ER are reviewed by a radiologist. The final report will be reviewed and you will be contacted if incidental information is found or additional treatment is required.